Mounting a single din head unit in an S2 car?

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Mounting a single din head unit in an S2 car?

Postby RotaryAffairs » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:22 am

I've had plenty of guys with S3 cars show me how they did it, but they've got it easy considering (at least in the states) their cars come ready to accept a double din unit. My '83 still has the shaft mount radio, and while I've seen clean installs of head units in the S1 or S2 cars, nobody can really tell me which kit they used or how they did it. As of now I'm struggling with trying to get it to fit properly as in the head unit sticking out of the dash with the head unit's bezel flush with the center stack fascia piece. Each way I've tried mounting it results in the head unit sucked into the dash with the bezel either not fitting, or fitting behind the center stack, which looks awful!

The kit I'm using is the metra kit designed for 84-97 Mazda cars. I've tried using the S3 mounting method and the 90-98 miata mounting method with no luck. Anybody out there have some tips?
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