The group B car

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Re: The group B car

Post by DB RX63 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:57 pm

Hi Dwayne,

I'd be interested to know what steering set up was used in the Evolution Gp B car ?

I am experimenting with a MX5 column and Escort Mk2 Rack to put into the FB that I am currently building for sprints, single venue tarmac rallies.

The main problem seems to be supporting the rack, which I am fitting behind the engine (as per Group B) but I know that the GpB car had the engine mount set further back than the std set up, so the rack supports were fairly short. I need to fabricate a support bracket around 300mm from the crossmember.

I guess the Evo GpB car has the works crossmember ? I don't suppose that you know what steering column and rack were used on the Evo car ?

All help gratefully received !


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