Elford Turbo Ignition Control Unit

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Elford Turbo Ignition Control Unit

Post by DB RX63 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:54 pm

I've just been reading through the Elford Turbo operating manual and just realised a strange fact.

My car does not have the Ignition Control Unit in the engine bay.

I've looked at some photo's of my Elford I have and there looks to be drilled holes where it should be.

I've not got the car here to look so wondered if they were fitted elsewhere ? Or perhaps someone moved it? Were they susceptible to water ingress problems at all ?

The ETL Monitor Control Unit is where it should be, so I am a little confused.
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Re: Elford Turbo Ignition Control Unit

Post by ian65 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:32 pm

I did a lot of research on these Elford modules before I converted my old black car to an Elford and found out the following.

Over the years, they used 2 different systems:

1. ignition control unit which actively controlled the ignition by retarding the timing and limiting the revs. (These units were usually paired with a Microtech red coil on the leading ignition.)
2. ignition monitor unit which wasn't actually wired into the ignition at all and didn't adjust anything, it just monitored the boost level.

This was because early conversions used a less reliable wastegate system to safeguard the engine and dump any excess boost... in case it failed, the ignition control protected the engine.
Later conversions used a much more reliable swing arm wastegate and elfords decided the ignition control unit was no longer necessary.

the later 'ignition monitor unit' didn't connect through the ignition at all and just provided a light and buzzer if the boost got dangerously high ( due to a stuck waste gate). The buzzer and light were switched by the 7psi pressure switch. The only other thing it did was to provide a 'slow dim' to the interior light.

If a car has the 'ignition control unit', it'll be in the engine bay on the bulkhead. If it has a later ignition monitor unit, it'll be in the drivers foot well, fixed to the transmission tunnel.

Apparently a few cars went back to Elfords and were upgraded to the later swing arm wastegate. I've seen some cars with only the early module fitted, some with the later module and some with both. Cliffs ex-museum car was the first one I saw that had both but I've seen a few more since. I think either these cars were initially fitted with the earlier setup, were then upgraded to the later wastegate and at this time the earlier module was left in when the later module was fitted meaning that some cars ended up with both or that they were converted during the transition period from one setup to the other and Elford decided to use both.
All the cars I've seen with both modules were Y reg cars which seemed to be the change over reg from the early system to the old but there's no hard and fast rule... I've seen early series 3 cars with the just the earlier module too.

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Re: Elford Turbo Ignition Control Unit

Post by Hobbawobba » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:27 pm

s(c) Awesome post Ian

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