Diff / Axle Rebuild - North of England?

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Diff / Axle Rebuild - North of England?

Post by rotarypower » Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:48 am

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can go to get the Diff & Axle rebuilt in the North of England, preferably Yorkshire?

The rear wheel (axle) bearings need doing, I have these and the seals but no press to do it with.
The rear diff bearings are on the way out, they whine they apply power & accelerate & whine a different noise when I decelerate!
Also the diff has too much backlash, this manifests itself as sloppiness when transitioning on and off the power, clunk from the rear and a snatch in the drive-line.

I already had the driveshaft fully reconditioned, new UJs & balanced so the axle is all that's left.
Unfortunately I'm not tooled up to do it & without a proper garage to work at this time of year, would rather not anyway.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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