Factory windscreen moulding/trim weatherstripping

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Re: Factory windscreen moulding/trim weatherstripping

Post by KYPREO » Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:43 am


I managed to find
(a) some ok condition weatherstrips from the a-pillar mouldings - they don't extend the full length of the part however - they may have just shrunk over time - or maybe they never extended the full length? I don't know
(b) the original lower moulding seal from my car! The trim itself is in excellent condition having been pulled off the car around 15 years ago. The only issue is that it has also shrunk somewhat so that it no longer extends across the full length of the bottom moulding. Once again, this might just be how it always was. No idea.

I've looked into getting these seals reproduced and it's going to be a very expensive proposition - I'd probably need buy at least 50m worth and get a group buy of 30+ people going.

I also just received a full set of new genuine top windscreen mouldings consisting of the 2 side drip sills, the 2 top front mouldings and the centre joiner.

The front mouldings and joiner have weatherstrips top and bottom. This is definitely different from and an improvement upon how it originally came from the factory. The trim protector that is NLA is only one small section of what is on the new design moulding itself.

The bad news: they are not simple rubber extrusions. They are complex mouldings making them uneconomical to reproduce. Conversely, the edge seal on the a-pillar trims and lower moulding IS just a basic extrusion so reproducing them might still be feasible if anyone else is actually interested.

The good news: there are plenty of these mouldings available new from Mazda (albeit expensive).

Here are some detailed photos for those that are interested.

Centre joiner



Top front moulding





Drip sill (no weatherstrips)


I would have gotten the a-pillar and lower mouldings too but they are NLA. I have some ok spare second hand ones which I'll paint up. At least i have new ones to match the correct factory sheen level. Most painted ones i see are too gloss or too flat. The factory ones are satin FWIW.

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